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Aqui estan todas, absolutamente todas las canciones de A-teens

1 Mamma Mia
2 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
3 Super Trouper
4 One of us
5 Voulez-Vous
6 S.O.S.
7 Dancing Queen
8 Take a chance on me
9 Lay all your love on me
10 The name of the game
11 Our last summer
12 Knowing me, knowing you (version japonesa)
13 Mamma Mia (Version Español) (version latinoamericana)
14 Dame! Dame! Dame! (Version Español) (version latinoamarecana)
15 Radio mix (Medley) (extr-a*teens)
16 Upside Down
17 ...To the Music
18 Halfway Around the World
19 Firefly
20 Sugar Rush
21 Rockin'
22 Around the Corner of Your Eye
23 Slammin' Kinda Love
24 All My Love
25 For All That I Am
26 That's What (It's All About)
27 Morning Light
28 Back For More
29 Can't Stop the Pop (Version Japonesa)
30 Don't Even Know Your Name (Version EE.UU)
31 Floorfiller
32 Can't help falling in love
33 Let your heart do all the talking
34 Closer to perfection
35 This year
36 Hi and goodbye
37 Slam
38 Cross my heart
39 Singled out
40 Oh, oh... yeah
41 In the blink of an eye
42 School's out (feat. Alice Cooper)
43 Happy New Year
47 Heartbreak Lullaby
48 I wish it could be christmas everyday
49 Give it up
50 A Perfect Match
51 The Letter
52 Shangri-La
53 One Night In Bangkok
54 Have a Little Faith In Me


Estos estan en los singles
1 Dancing Queen (Pierre J's Main Radio Mix)
2 Mamma Mia (The Bold & The Beautiful Glamourmix Edit)
3 Super Trouper (W.I.P)
4 Mamma Mia (Giuseppe Remix)
5 Super Trouper (The Bold & The Beautiful Glamourmix)
6 Dancing Queen (BTS Gold Editon Mix)
7 Super Trouper (Super Super Remix)
8 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Earthbound Late Show Remix)
9 Super Trouper (Pinocchio remix)
10 Mamma Mia (Trouser Enthusiasts' Undying Dub)
11 Happy New Year (Extended Version)
12 A-Teens Medly (Pierre J's Full Length Mix)
13 Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down) (JS16 Remix)
14 Dancing Queen (Pierre J’s Main Extended Mix)
15 Dancing Queen (BTS Gold Edition Mix)
16 Dancing Queen (Extended version)
17 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Radio version)
18 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Extended version)
19 A Teens-medley - Pierre J's radio mix
20 Halfway Around The World Earthbound's Halfway Around The Earth Mix Long
21 Halfway Around The World M 12 Massive Club Mix
22 Halfway Around The World (Almighty Definitive Mix)
23 Floorfiller (My Long Version)
24 Super Trouper (W.I.P)
25 Heartbreak Lullaby (Ray Hedges 7" Mix)
27 Heartbreak Lullaby (Europop Remix)
28 Heartbreak Lullaby (Techno Earthbound Mix)
29 Mamma Mia (Jam lab remix)
30 Mamma Mia (Extended version)
31 Sugar Rush Earthbound's Short sugarcrush Remix
32 Sugar Rush Earthbound's Long sugarcrush Remix
33 Sugar Rush M 12 Remix
34 Super Trouper (Extended version)
35 Super Trouper (Super radio remix)
36 Upside Down (Grizzly/Tysper Radio Remix)
37 Upside Down (Grizzly/Tysper Extended Remix)
38 Upside Down (JS16 Remix)
39 Floorfiller (Extended Version)
40 Floorfiller (My Short Version)
41 A perfect Match (Extended Version)
42 A perfect Match (Radio Version)
43 A perfect Match (Club Remix)